Klimkin column in The Guardian described the three things that drive Russia

Климкин в колонке The Guardian описал три вещи, которые движут Россией

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin published in the British newspaper The Guardian column titled “Putin in his pursuit of a new Russian Empire will not stop in Ukraine.”

In it he pointed out that there are three things to understand what motivates Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The first is the “Russian world”, he said, is a philosophy that dates back to the Soviet era. Central to it is the belief that Ukraine is part of greater Russia.

According to him, Russia’s desire for hegemony does not end in Ukraine. The Minister noted that this also applies to other former States and satellites of the Soviet Union, and in a broader sense, Russia is seeking to destabilize the situation in the rest of Europe.

The second factor is a hybrid war, which was widely represented with the annexation of Crimea and invasion of Donbass.

Klimkin says that in this kind of warfare makes full use of modern technology. The Minister noted that the hybrid war went further than just TV and Internet. He recalled the “factories of the trolls” and said that “Russia is lying on an industrial scale”.

And third, Russia can’t be trusted.

“The Ukrainian government is fundamentally different, but we understand the mindset of the Kremlin: Russia and will tell you any diplomat dealing with the Kremlin, respects only force, and should only be negotiating from a position of strength and international solidarity”, – wrote Klimkin.

News on topic: the Statement of the Russian Federation in the Hague on weapons in the mines is part of the information of the operation of the hybrid war against Ukraine – Tandem

Klimkin said that Russia is exploiting the weakness. According to him, this occurs in the process of bilateral negotiations and also she uses the weakness of the UN Security Council, where abusing its veto power as one of the five permanent members.

The Minister added that Russia is now the greatest threat to the security and unity of the West since 1945.

“There can be no question of lifting sanctions,” – writes the Minister.

Klimkin said that the sanctions have more effect on Russia than the Kremlin admits.

“They slowly reduce Russia’s ability to destabilize Europe and the world,” he says.

We will remind that on 25 March, the US imposed sanctions against eight Russian companies. The Russian foreign Ministry said it was puzzling and frustrating.

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