Klimkin: German business is interested in Ukraine

Климкин: Немецкий бизнес интересуется Украиной

Klimkin met with representatives of German business

Often foreign business enters new markets due to the so-called “word of mouth”, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The German businessmen increased interest in Ukraine, says foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. “Met with German business. Interest in Ukraine increased. Although many questions remain, but they say that for four years has done a great job to foreign businesses, we have been more comfortable,” he wrote on his Twitter page on Tuesday, January 16.

According to Klimkin, it is necessary to tell as many “success stories” to attract foreign investment in the country.

“The business is expanding into new markets more than just “word of mouth”, so the more success stories and more foreign investments”, – noted the Minister.

Recall that the amount of repatriation of dividends to foreign investors from Ukraine in 2017 amounted to $1.8 billion.