Klimkin has criticized the European Union over gas and visas

Климкин раскритиковал Евросоюз из-за газа и виз

The diplomat believes that the delay in bezveza indicates institutional weaknesses of the EU.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin stated that further delay the process of approval mechanism for suspension of visa-free regime will be evidence of the institutional weakness of the EU.

“A significant delay in reaching agreement on response mechanism on migration risks will testify about the institutional weaknesses of the EU. It seems that in Brussels are aware of this,” wrote the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry on Twitter.

Klimkin added that Ukraine agrees with the EU position on the decision to expand access to the European market for Russia’s Gazprom.

“The EU position on expanding rights for Gazprom’s use of OPAL considered weak. We will fight on and at the state level and at the level of companies,” – wrote the Minister.

We recall that the mechanism for suspension of visa-free regime is the last barrier to predustanovlena bezveza Ukraine.

Today it became known that Ukraine may not receive bezviz to the end of the year, although it has fulfilled all its obligations.

As for Gazprom, in the past month, he has received advanced access to the Opal gas pipeline.