Klimkin ruled out dual citizenship with Russia

Климкин исключил двойное гражданство с Россией

Pavlo Klimkin believes that Ukraine needs a new law on citizenship

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine is ready to consider the possibility of criminal liability for obtaining Russian citizenship.

In Ukraine, with the possible legalization of dual citizenship should exclude such an option for Russian passports. This broadcast UA:Kharkov said the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

In particular, he expressed confidence that Ukraine needs a new law on citizenship. The legalization of dual citizenship has meaning for Ukrainians, who live abroad, but want to keep the relationship with Ukraine.

“It’s not the Russian Federation. I categorically deny and strongly against any ideas or even thoughts on the legalization of dual citizenship with Russia… And all the cases of such of obtaining Russian citizenship should be investigated by our intelligence services”, – said Klimkin.

He also noted that potential criminal liability for dual citizenship should be treated carefully.

“We have many Hungarians and ethnic Romanians have dual citizenship. If we introduce for all criminal liability – that they are all by definition criminals? But in relation to Russia and acquisition of Russian citizenship I am absolutely ready for such a possibility to consider. I think this is an idea that should be discussed”, – said Klimkin.

Earlier Pavlo Klimkin said that Ukraine is overdue debate on the issue of dual citizenship. According to him, the country tens or even hundreds of thousands of people have passports of neighbouring countries.

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