Klimkin sees no meaning in the final statement of the summit Ukraine-EU

Климкин не видит смысла в итоговом заявлении саммита Украина-ЕС

The summit Ukraine-EU

The head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that all important agreements are recorded and new “paper” is not needed.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin commented on the air of inter the absence of the final Declaration of the summit Ukraine-EU.

Recall that the outcome document of the summit Ukraine-EU was not signed. In the presidential Administration explained that the Declaration was not adopted for lack of consensus between the parties.

The Minister noted that the statements of the summits needs to fix important new agreements and breakthroughs in relations, and there is no sense in statements that will just repeat voiced and written informed.

“It’s very simple: why do we need another piece of paper that repeats what is already stated in the Association Agreement? The achievements already recorded. We need to go to the statements of the summits, which record a new, very important agreement. The repetition of what is already there – why should we? I am not a fanatical supporter of just some of the statements that will be forgotten in 15 minutes”, – said Klimkin.

“Why do we need the text in three, four, five pages that only read the experts, and which has no truly breakthrough things?”, – he stressed.

Recall, July 13, Kyiv hosted the 19th summit Ukraine-EU. President Petro Poroshenko said he was pleased with his results, since, according to him, the summit clearly confirmed the willingness of Ukraine to move towards the European Union.