Klimkin: the Movement of Russians in Ukraine need to take control

Климкин: Передвижение россиян в Украине надо взять под контроль

Klimkin wants more control

The Minister wants to control every aspect of Russians in Ukraine.

In Ukraine it is necessary to impose additional control over the movement of Russians across the country. This was announced by the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin, reports UNN.

“We must understand that we are at war with Russia”, – said Klimkin.

He added that the war is being waged simultaneously and the military, and clandestine methods.

“At the same time must understand that additional control over the movement of Russian citizens and at what here the Russian special services are doing, we really need,” he said.

According to Klimkin, additional control can be realized in the biometric visa regime.

“This is the purpose that will be introduced from January 1, biometric data, and applications on the previous journey. And then of course we need to make further steps. Whether it’s a biometric visa as an ordinary visa does not work, etc., since it must control every step, which is to discredit the situation in Ukraine”, – said the Minister.

Recall, Klimkin said the danger of stay of Ukrainians not only in Russia but also in Belarus.