Klimkin: the Weapon is only for defense of Ukraine

Климкин: Оружие США нужно только для обороны Украины

The foreign Minister stressed that American weapons will not be used for attack.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the lethal weapon that the United States will provide Ukraine, will only be used in case of provocations from the Russian side and separatists. He stated this at a joint press conference with foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel on January 3, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Klimkin stressed that the weapons will not contribute to the escalation of the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

“We are talking about weapons of a defensive nature. This weapon can and will be used in case of provocations from the Russian side and it supports terrorists and, as you know, it will not be used in offensive actions, so it cannot be used as an argument, which will contribute to the temperature rise of the conflict”, − said the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

Recall Klimkin at a press conference with the head of the German foreign Minister also declared that on Donbass there is a real cease-fire.

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