Klimkin: Ukrainians Danger threatens not only in Russia

Климкин: Опасность украинцам грозит не только в РФ

The Minister made a statement in connection with the kidnapping of Paul Mushroom in Belarus.

After the citizen of Ukraine Pavel Fungus disappeared on the territory of Belarus, the foreign Minister of pael Klimkin said the danger of stay of Ukrainians not only in Russia. He said this in an interview to UKRINFORM.

“I want to warn Ukrainian citizens about danger of stay in the Russian territory, where all the Russian intelligence services have consistently acted against our citizens. I encourage everyone who rides on Russian territory, to think very hard whether to go there. But now we have a situation where we see that the Russian intelligence services are also active in Belarus, and I believe that Ukrainian citizens have to weigh how to go there,” said Klimkin.

He noted that Russia does not allow to Pavel Mushroom Ukrainian consuls.

“The kidnapping of Paul from the territory of Belarus is an extremely serious matter, and we need to figure out how it happened. To do this, we track information from different sources. Russia does not allow Fungus in our consuls, but we will push in every way possible, and as soon as I find out all the circumstances, this will be followed by further steps”, – assured the Minister.

As reported Корреспондент.nettoday it became known that the Russian Krasnodar Pavel Mushroom was arrested for two months – until October 17. This became known from the decision of the Oktyabrsky district court of Krasnodar. The decision was handed down on August 17.

We will remind, in Belarus under mysterious circumstances disappeared 19-year-old son of a member of the public Council of the state border service Igor Mushroom – Paul. The father claimed that the FSB lured Paul in Gomel under the guise of meeting with the girl and held detention.

Already on 7 September it became known that Pavel Fungus is in the remand prison of Krasnodar. He is accused of terrorism.

The Ukrainians were one and a half times more likely to go to Russia


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