Klitschko: All the speculation around the Mustache – from the evil one

Кличко: Все спекуляции вокруг Усика - от лукавого

Vitali Klitschko commented on the victory of Alexander Usik in Moscow.

The legendary boxer, now Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko commented on the victory of the Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik in the final of the world Boxing series (WBSS) in the heavyweight division, which was held in Moscow.

“Mustache went to Moscow, won and made in the center of Moscow sounded triumphant anthem of Ukraine and rise the victorious flag of Ukraine. It is a dry remnant; everything else, all the speculation – from the evil one.

Biggest rival in any of the battles – not your competition, and you yourself, how do you psychologically cope with the pressure. Let’s not forget that he went in a not very friendly environment, and almost the entire audience was rooting against whiskers.

Alexander very wisely went to this fight. The tendril psychologically going into this game 100%, did a competent fight, used his reach and tremendously beautiful footwork, gave Gassieva no chance to use his strengths,” said Klitschko in the air Radio NV.

We will remind, Alexander Usik won the world Boxing the super series, winning the final Murata Gassieva and becoming the absolute champion in heavy weight.

According to statistics, the Tendril struck almost a thousand punches per fight. See also full video of fight the Tendril – Gassiev, as well as video output to the ring Alexander.

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