Klitschko can still fight 2-3 years

Кличко еще может боксировать 2-3 года

According to the CEO of the promotion company K2 Alexander Kraska, Ukrainian heavyweight Wladimir Klitschko (64-4, 53 KO’s) is capable of a few years to show a high level.

“I would say that not every boxer has the same amount of fuel, which is owned by Vladimir now. As for the battle fury, it was such a day, we all have days like that. Many events came together at one point, small details would not be in favor of Vladimir. And fury Vice versa – in small details everything was in his favor: in everyday terms, family, sports, legal. Star began, such was astrology and one, and another.

In the normal scenario, when nothing affects, the level of Vladimir much above the level of Tyson fury. For example, the coefficients of the bookmakers is the most equitable indicator of the expected result, all were in favor of Vladimir. Despite the fact that in the last day something changed, but it doesn’t matter. But under the influence of certain factors that cannot be foreseen, just there are days, Vladimir showed a lower level fury. At this level I get what happened.

I have no doubt that if the match-revenge – fury would have been destroyed, it is not discussed. Maybe this defeat it was necessary to Vladimir, we don’t know what processes occurred during this time that he realized what he had done. But one thing I can say: the man is absolutely cheerful, confident in the future and full of energy in order to carry out activities in sports, in business and in other areas. So I have no doubts about Vladimir.

I see that he has the opportunity within two to three years to be really successful. Not how to speak, namely, successfully, at the highest level, I have no doubt about it,” said Krasyuk.

Recall that in November 2015, the year Wladimir Klitschko has lost his belt, sensationally having lost to Tyson fury.

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