Klitschko left. How to change the power in Kiev

Кличко ушли. Как поменяется власть в Киеве

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the dismissal of Vitali Klitschko as head of Kyiv city state administration. Now it’s up to Vladimir Zelensky.

Saga with the opposition Vitali Klitschko and Vladimir Zelensky goes on. The President is trying to unseat the mayor of Kiev from the post of head of the KSCA. Klitschko said that this can not be done by law. Used to Zelensky to dismiss former boxer from the post of head of Kiev city administration was hampered by the government. Now the new Cabinet, formed of supporters of the new President, gave the case.

Ukrainians, as usual, are actively discussed and many jokes over the political successes of the Kiev mayor.

The government’s decision

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the dismissal of Vitali Klitschko as head of Kyiv city state administration.

The government appealed to the office of the President on the dismissal of Klitschko. Dismisses the head of the KSCA President. At the same time Vitali Klitschko remains the mayor of Kiev and head of the Council until the next elections in the capital.

The office of President Vladimir Zelensky sought the release of Vitali Klitschko as head of Kyiv city state administration since the end of July. A public sparring with Klitschko entered the head of the office of the President Andriy Bogdan. The closest adviser Zelensky said that Kiev is not run by Klitschko, and “looking”. And from one of these “looking” to Bogdan allegedly even came and offered a bribe, so he didn’t touch Klitschko. On this occasion, the head of the Office of the President testified to the NEB.

The previous government of Vladimir Groisman to the resignation of the Klitschko considered abandoned.

The new Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk, commenting on the situation with Klitschko, supported version of Bogdan about “looking” in the city.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the dismissal of Klitschko head of Kyiv state administration, because of its relationship with the developer Vadim Stolar, said Goncharuk.

“Personally, I have great respect for Mr. Klitschko, he’s a great champion and the man who has done much for the country, but I’d love to fire not him, but Mr. Stolar, for example, but the formal posts this person has no and therefore it was impossible to do. Despite the fact that it is a team decision and the final decision will be taken by the President, but I have no doubt that Kiev has not stopped corrupt practices in Kiev, there are still groups that are actually too strong influence on the activities of the administration. So, I think if we strengthen Mr. Klitschko a strong chief of staff, the Manager, who would be able to resist all these groups, it is very good impact on the interests of ordinary people of Kiev”, – said Goncharuk.

The Position Of Klitschko

Klitschko calls illegal the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, which agreed to his dismissal.

“What happens is illegal. It is not constitutional, not democratic… the Government has taken a step to introduce a dual power. And, in fact, direct presidential rule. Such actions trying to deny Kiev the right to elect power,” – said the mayor of Kiev.

Klitschko insists that the fire was only to residents of the city. On the question of whether it is to protect their interests in court, the mayor replied “definitely”. At the same time, he clarified that he had not received any official information about his dismissal. Klitschko assured that he would continue to work as mayor.

Klitschko relies on a decision of the constitutional court according to which the mayor of Kiev is both the head of the KSCA. He claims that the people of Kiev chose him precisely that authority. Now they want to artificially lower.

Who is it?

According to media reports, the team Zelensky there are two candidates for the position of Chairman of the KSCA, Alexander Tkachenko (MP, former General Director of holding 1+1 Media Igor Kolomoisky) and Andrey Holodov (businessman, brother of the wife of Viktor Medvedchuk Oksana Marchenko).


Ukrainians write that Klitschko was elected with the powers of the head of the KSCA and now Zelensky interferes with the will of the people of Kiev, as well as in local government.



Complain that corruption from Kiev still not going anywhere.

Waiting for elections.

And, of course, joking about Klitschko.