Klitschko: my Brother was very nearly enough to show the best results

Кличко: Брату чуть-чуть не хватило, чтобы показать лучший результат

Vitali Klitschko

The former world champion in the heavyweight Vitali Klitschko said that his brother Vladimir has made a unique career.

“For those who Wladimir Klitschko is not great, there is a sign “the Greatest number of title victories in the heavyweight division”. Joe Louis – 26 consecutive wins, Wladimir Klitschko didn’t have one victory, he 25, Mohammed Ali, he is 22, then Larry Holmes, Lennox Lewis, Vitali Klitschko.

Slightly it was not enough to show the best result in the history of Boxing. A lot of critics, someone like Klitschko, someone-no. But one thing I can say – it is important to be tested millstones, so they do not break out with a light head and continue with another career, because life goes on and after it.

In this vein, I can say – Volodya made a unique career. Who criticize, you try exactly the same for a long time to stay on top of Boxing,” said Vitaly.

Earlier Vladimir Klitschko will resume his Boxing career and will fight with Diliana white.

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