Klitschko stopped the city Council decision about the appeal to the CEC regarding the elections to the district councils of the capital

Кличко остановил решение Киевсовета об обращении в ЦИК по поводу выборов в райсоветы столицы

The mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko stopped the city Council decision “On the treatment of deputies of the Kyiv city Council to the Central election Commission”, adopted at the plenary meeting, on 26 may 2016, and submitted it for reconsideration. About it reports a press-service of the city hall.

In justification of such decision the mayor stated that the city Council made this decision without the relevant competency.

“In accordance with the law “On local self-government in Ukraine” village, town and city councils are entitled to consider and resolve issues referred by the Constitution of Ukraine, this and other laws to their jurisdiction. In accordance with articles 14 and 15 of the law of Ukraine “On local elections”, the appointment of the first local elections is not within the competence of the Kyiv city Council”, – emphasized in the decision of the mayor.

Klitschko notes that deputies made the decision to appeal to the CEC without a proper anchorage at the legislative level of competence of the district councils, without solving the budget issues, which should form a district Council, the issues of ownership and land, which should dispose of the district councils, without specifying the electoral law for the elections, namely regional councils in the cities, the settlement existing at the legislative level conflicts.

“I think this position of some political forces of the city Council are irresponsible in relation to Kiev. The consequence of this “initiatives” could be a management collapse in the capital. I have repeatedly urged deputies not to engage in populism and political games. My position is clear: without legislative consolidation of powers of the district councils in the cities, without the adoption of unified rules for elections of regional councils in all major cities of Ukraine such initiatives are political speculations. That’s why I stopped the decision of city Council about the appeal to the CEC and hope for constructive work of deputies in the interests of the residents and not to political destabilization in the capital”, – said Klitschko.