Klitschko To fight Povetkin, Joshua will choose the same tactics as me

Кличко: Для боя с Поветкиным Джошуа выберет такую же тактику, как со мной

Klitschko shared his thoughts about the most anticipated Boxing match of the year.

Vladimir Klitschko commented on the future of the fight between Joshua and Povetkin.

“It all depends on the athletes. Can happen anything. Of course, for this you need to observe and have fun.

Alexander is an experienced fighter, with dynamic background. Povetkin numerous records and conducted fights in Amateur Boxing, and professional.

Who prefer? Joshua. Definitely. He’s younger, he has the experience of playing in large arenas.

Povetkin needs to use their strengths. Povetkin, Joshua will keep at a distance. Joshua will choose the same tactics, who was he with me. If most of the time to close from the opponent, in the moment of a decisive blow, the blow will pass through the air.

Recall, the fight of Joshua – Povetkin will take place on 22 September 2018 in London at 23:00 Kyiv time. On our website will be available online broadcast of the fight.

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