Klitschko told about the chances of Usyk in the heavyweight division

Кличко рассказал о шансах Усика в супертяжелом весе

The legendary Ukrainian spoke about the difference between heavy and super-heavy weight.

Wladimir Klitschko spoke about sparring with Oleksandr Usyk, his training after the end of his career, and compared heavy and super heavyweight.

“Sasha (the Tendril – ed.) was found in the ring, poperinghe. We used to have was not possible, but now she introduced herself. Despite the fact that I finished professional career, I continue to play sports. I train daily and once in two or three weeks I spend sparring in fun.

The chances of Usyk in the heavyweight division? The heavyweight division is not kruzerveyt, where Alexander is the undisputed champion. There all a little different – another technique move in the ring. But similar, of course. It is a matter of habit. I once was a very long time in Sasha’s weight. Then he moved to heavy weight. The difference is small, but it is.

But if, for example, to compare Amateur and professional Boxing, it’s two different sports. Also kruzerveyt and heavy weight have similarities and differences. Therefore, these flawed sparring, which we do with Alexander, go in his favor, because the weight is a big difference,” said Klitschko in an interview for Boxing.ua.

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