Klopp came to the defense of the player-drunks

Клопп встал на защиту игрока-пьяницы

Roberto Firmino

Liverpool’s coach jürgen Klopp commented on the recent scandal that happened with his team midfielder Roberto Firmino.

Recently the Brazilian midfielder was caught for drunk driving. All this resulted in large publicity in the press and the displeasure of the fans of the Reds, who demanded to put Firmino on the bench as a disciplinary punishment.

However, the head coach of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp after the victory over Stoke (4:1) said that the thought of the exception of Roberto from the team hasn’t visited, as during training sessions the Brazilian shows his best side.

“At me even in thoughts was not to exclude from the Firmino,” said Klopp.

“Roberto is the best in training, and he is always in the – no options. Today he played excellent.”

Firmino was the author of one of the four goals scored against Stoke.

Next week the Brazilian is awaiting trial, which will determine the punishment for his drunken misconduct.


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