Knocked out Abrams, but the last one left. Tanks APU

Подбили Abrams, но остались последними. Танки ВСУ

Ukrainian tanks in competitions NATO

In OOS forces checked the readiness of units one of the tank brigades. Last week in tank biathlon Ukraine took eighth place, while a year earlier – the fifth.

In the United forces after checking the declared readiness of the units of one of the tank brigades of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

However, last week in Germany ended the international competition Strong Tank Challenge Europe in 2018, where APU was the last in a tank tournament. Корреспондент.net understand the readiness of the Ukrainian tanks.


The Ukrainian T-84 shot down American Abrams

April 24, the Ukrainian military equipment has arrived in Germany for international exercise Combined Resolve H. Ukraine is assault company of seven BTR-80 and five tanks T-84.

During the March, tank platoon of the 14th mechanized brigade on T-84, together with a company of paratroopers from the 79th air assault brigade, several times engaged in battle with the imaginary enemy, which led fire from ambushes.

“During the clashes was hit several enemy tanks Abrams. Without significant losses of the consolidated unit of the armed forces of Ukraine managed to get to the point of destination,” said the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

Grab a couple of days. Rasmussen praised the armed forces of Ukraine

During exercises used laser system simulation of the battle MILES, which allows you to simulate a direct armed clash with high realism.

Ukroboronprom calls the T-84 is more perfect, compared to the T-64BV, which Ukrainian tankers acted in the international competitions of 2017.

When upgrading this tank has been used the latest developments of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex.

“He’s on a level above the tanks, which were before him”, – reported in the Ukrainian state concern.


The last tournament of NATO

Ukrainian troops main battle tanks T-84 took part in the international tank competition a Strong Europe, 2018 in German Greenfire in Bavaria on the training ground command training 7 the U.S. Army in Europe.

“The opening of the Tank Challenge in 2018 will be held June 3. For the best tank platoon to fight the representatives of the eight countries. Ukrainian tanks will compete with the Abrams, Leclerc and Leopard in different versions”, – have informed in Ukroboronprom.

As told in the Ministry of defence in the final day of Europe Strong Tank Challeng program for all teams were the same. The first stage – the obstacle course, start at six in the morning. Next was sports competition. Participants in the speed transferred to the various elements of the tank.

The last discipline was high-speed shooting. The task is to destroy 20 targets for gun, with 30 rounds per platoon. Taken into account the accuracy and rate of fire. For this exercise provided a separate Cup.

Closed competition now traditional “friendly fire”. The line went on one tank from each team and conducted a joint shot. Then the fire was already opened upon readiness of the crew.

In the end, the current winners of tank of the Land forces of Germany. Second place went to newcomers “the challenge” – Swedish armed forces, and bronze was won by representatives of the armed forces of Austria. For a nomination for “sniper shooting” the Cup was won by serviceman of the armed forces of the United States.

Ukrainian team – tank platoon 14 Hombre of the Land forces of Ukraine – in the scoring table took a last-eight place.

The competition was also attended by tankers from Poland, France and the UK.

In the past year, the Ukrainian tank took the last place in the tournament of six teams. Then won a team of Austria, and the Germans were second. Then came the military of the United States and France, and in sixth place were the poles.


As for OOS checked the readiness of tanks

June 12 at the joint forces checked the readiness of units one of the tank brigades of the armed forces of Ukraine.

According to the headquarters of Operation joint task force Facebook, the personnel have operated in various forms and methods of application teams.

As a result of inspection it was estimated that the personnel of the armored brigade is ready to fulfill the assigned tasks.

“The enemy must be aware that tank units from the joint force able to carry out their combat tasks in cooperation with units of other types of armed forces,” said Lieutenant-General Sergey New.


Tanks of Ukraine in rating of armies

In mid-April, were published Global index of military strength Global Firepower, in which Ukraine moved up one rung of the strongest armies in the world and was ranked eighth among European armies.

However, the Ukrainian troops still remained significantly lower than before the beginning of the ATO in the Donbass, despite the combat experience and reform.

Ukraine in rating of armies. Why the lower than to the ATO

The armed forces of Ukraine in the rating of 2018 took the 29th place among 136 countries. However, until 2014, Ukraine in the ranking Global Firepower took 21 place.

The index is based on 55 criteria that determine how a country will be able to fight on land, sea and air. In the calculations there are bonuses and penalties. For example, the penalty will not be imposed if the country is landlocked and will not develop naval forces and Vice versa.

As for the tanks, then Ukraine according to this criterion in the rating ranks 12th among all.

Подбили Abrams, но остались последними. Танки ВСУ

Ukraine in rating of armies

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