Know how much to spend on a Christmas tree in Kiev

Известно сколько потратят на елку в Киеве

Know how much to spend on a Christmas tree in Kiev

The Christmas tree is alive, it’s already selected in the forests of the Ivano-Frankivsk, but not yet cut.

The organisers of the Christmas fair in Kiev told how much it will cost to the budget of the main tree of the country and new year holidays. This was reported by the coordinator of the company Folk Ukraine Igor Dobrutsky, write

The main new year tree of Kiev will cost about 3 million hryvnia, and the celebration will allocate about 30 million.

It is reported that the Christmas tree is already found in Ivano-Frankivsk region. It will be about 30 meters. There will be a “Christmas beauty” 3.6 km of garlands, thousands of toys and meter lights. Illumination will change the color daily.

On decoration spent about 2.7 million hryvnia, the tree itself is estimated at 100 thousand. The Christmas tree will be mounted on 8 December and the Grand opening is scheduled for December 19.

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