KOBOLEV predicts the growth of prices for gas without transit

Коболев прогнозирует рост цен на газ без транзита

After the termination of transit of gas through Ukraine prices in Europe may increase dramatically, said the head of Naftogaz.

Gas prices can jump in case of stoppage of transit Russia from the new year. This was stated by the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobelev in an interview LIGA.net published on Thursday, 5 December.

He called the cost of gas is hypothetical, but gave an example of a similar case in 2018.

“Crisis prices difficult to predict, but I think I will not be mistaken if I say that the price at first may be doubled. For example, in March 2018, when Gazprom refused to supply prepaid gas, the price increased by 80% in a few hours. The growth rates in the European Union will mean an increase in prices in Ukraine”, – he said.

Complete cessation of gas transit through Ukraine is a negative scenario, the head of the NAC.

“There is an option and negative when, regardless of commercial viability and the logic of the market, Gazprom a contract, do not sign. In favor of this option also talking made in Europe Gazprom and other Russian companies huge reserves of gas. These stocks in the event of a crisis will rise in price on what these companies can earn a lot”, he said.

According to him, the intermediate scenario is the following: after some time it will become obvious that the Holy place is never empty, that the share of Gazprom on the European market occupied by others, and he will have to return to the new operator of the GTS, and to agree on transit.

“The latter scenario is, in our opinion, the most probable,” – said KOBOLEV.

As reported, Vladimir Putin, on the eve of the Norman meeting again stated that Russia is ready to save the transit of gas through Ukraine.

It was expected that a new round of gas talks may take place today, but did not take place. When such a meeting will occur is still unknown.


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