Kodak creates its own cryptocurrency

Компания Kodak создает собственную криптовалюту

The company is preparing ICO

Kodak stock on the new York stock exchange have jumped up more than 120%.

The American company-manufacturer of photographic and printing equipment Kodak plans to launch its own blockchain platform called KodakOne and its cryptocurrency Kodakcoin. About it writes Bloomberg.

As noted, KodakOne will be focused on professional photographers and, according to the plans of the creators, will become a register of ownership rights to the photographs of the authors.

Users of the platform will be able with its help to register their photographs and sell them a license. Payment will be made in the cryptocurrency Kodakcoin.

After publishing this message about the company’s plans of Kodak stock on the new York stock exchange has risen more than 120%.

Earlier it was reported that the messenger Telegram plans to create their own blockchain-based platform and cryptocurrency.