Kolesnikov told about the house near Kiev

Колесников рассказал о своем доме под Киевом

The politician told the journalists that filmed a story about the possessions of one of the leaders of Poblocka.

Former MP and now head of the “Oppositional government”, Boris Kolesnikov, has reacted to the video of the Agency “Stop corruption” on his estate near Kiev.

According to Kolesnikov, the information about all mentioned in the story objects was published on the page in Facebook people’s Deputy four years ago.

Thus, stressed Kolesnikov, “sensation” to put it mildly incorrect”.

Kolesnikov also said that in the “10 businessmen who pay the most taxes on personal wealth” (Forbes Ukraine), he ranks second.

The amount of taxes paid – 164 million UAH (period 2012-2014).

                Колесников рассказал о своем доме под Киевом


In addition Kolesnikov reminded that all buildings specified in its Declaration, which are also available in the public domain.

According to the oppositionist referred to in the plot of the article of the criminal code “Illegal enrichment” – “to put it mildly – not at address”.

“But all your actions fall under article 383 of the criminal code of Ukraine “Obviously untrue report on Commission of crime,” writes Kolesnikov.