Kolls won a tactical victory in the race under the Championship of Ukraine

Kolls одержала тактическую победу в гонке андеров на Чемпионате Украины

The championship of Ukraine in Cycling in Bukovel has stepped over its equator.

On the fourth day of the championship of Ukraine present the marathon challenge was around Ander – riders under 23 years of age.

Compared to yesterday’s race, juniors Anderson was driving at 38 miles and the distance group race amounted to a respectable 144 kilometers. Complicated situation and heavy rain in the morning. But because none of the favourites did not dare immediately to rush forward, a breakaway racers who weren’t considered contenders. That all changed in the second half of the race.

Kolls одержала тактическую победу в гонке андеров на Чемпионате Украины

The rain stopped, and the minions went into action. Attacked Anatoly Budyak – the racer who missed a year and a half due to suspension and returned to racing a more experienced and Mature. But his attack was caught by his Satsuk. He is not even 20, but he already stands for adult structure Kolss and even performed well in this year’s race in Poland. Thistle tried to go to the lifts, but Satsuk was not far behind, and the last hundred metres and managed to stay ahead of Anatoly in the final sprint! Finished third last year’s champion Timur Maleev. He almost caught up with the Duo the fugitives, but he lacked only 10 seconds!

Note that the most famous Ukrainian under mark Padun (5th place youth version of the Giro this year) not started, so they decided to try their hand in the race to elite.

The President of the team Kolss Nicholas Skorinko told about the tactics of the team

“Unlike elite races, where we usually have the numerical advantage in underag we only had three people and we could not act from a position of strength. We had to race tactically prudent. We sent in an early break, Yuri Borcanu to distract the attention of other teams and they had to work. Yuri did a great job with their task, worked very long in front and even in the end was able to come in the top ten. Then when I went to the main showdown, Vladislav Soltysyuk followed Anatoly Budyak. We knew that Thistle – strong mountain racer and one to keep. Soltysyuk very well sat on his wheel, when Thistle went up the hill and at the finish prespiritual it. Nice to win such a tactical victory.”

Kolls одержала тактическую победу в гонке андеров на Чемпионате Украины

Shared his opinion about the format of the championship and the sporting Director Michael Kolss Curlew:

“In Bukovel good track, very challenging, selective. But I still think that 144 kilometers on these mountains is too much for Anderson. In fact it turns out to be 3000 meters elevation. Even by the standards of the Tour de France or Giro is a huge figure. In the end, the result fought about 5-6 people, and for others it was a kind of race for survival, all get one. To go 5 hours through the mountains is too much. I think that if you reduce the distance for a few laps, then the race have lost nothing in terms of entertainment, but there would be a work for the young body”.

The final results of the group race at Anderson:

1. Vladislav Satsuk (Kiev, Kolss) – 5:11:34

2. Anatoly Budyak (Donetsk region, ISD) + 0:01

3. Timur Maleev (Donetsk region) +0:11

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