Kolomoisky became the leader of the party DILL

Коломойский стал лидером партии УКРОП

Kolomoisky became one of the leaders of the party DILL

The businessman headed the Commission of party control of the Dill.

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky became Chairman of the party control Commission of the party DILL. The decision adopted by the delegates of the 11th Congress of the political force, which is being held in Kiev.

The businessman not Congress was not. In addition, Kolomoisky became a member of the party DILL – he is at a party given in one of the regional organizations of the city Kiev.

The Commission is accountable to and controlled exclusively by the party Congress. Under the Charter, the head of this body is elected for two years.

The Commission is also developing a Code of party ethics, examines intra-party disputes, decides to eliminate violations, cancels the decision of the governing Executive bodies of the party and its officials in case of violations.

In addition, it resumes in the party persons whose membership has been terminated unlawfully.

Last month, the basics created a political party.