Kolomoisky called for the default of Ukraine

Коломойский высказался за дефолт Украины

Kolomoisky Zelensky advised to make their own decisions

The victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the election says about the fatigue of Ukrainians from the requirements of the IMF, said Igor Kolomoisky.

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky called for the Declaration of Ukraine’s default. He said this in an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times published on Sunday, may 26.

“In my opinion, what we should do with our creditors, like Greece. This is an example for Ukraine”, – said Kolomoisky.

The newspaper reminds that in 2015, Greece became the first developed country which has not paid the loan of the International monetary Fund, albeit temporarily.

Igor Kolomoisky believes that in default there is nothing to worry: “How many times has Argentina defaulted? And nothing had restructured”.

He believes that victory in the recent elections Zelensky speaks about weariness of Ukrainians from the requirements of the IMF.

“If Zelensky will listen to (the West) and not make their own decisions, he’ll end up like Poroshenko. It will have the same ratings – 5, 10, 15 instead of 73%,” – said Kolomoisky.

In his opinion, the US and the EU should completely write off the debts of Ukraine as compensation for the fight against Russia.

“It’s your game, your geopolitics. You are not interested in Ukraine. You want to hurt Russia, and Ukraine – just an excuse”, – said Kolomoisky.

We will remind, on may 28, Vladimir Zelensky must meet with the IMF mission, which arrived in Ukraine on 21 may and will stay until the end of next week.

Earlier, the IMF said it was ready to resume close cooperation with Ukraine after the Verkhovna Rada elections and a new government is appointed.

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