Kolomoisky is ready for a settlement agreement in the private

Коломойский готов на мировое соглашение по Привату

The essence of the settlement agreement Kolomoisky did not disclose

Now is a good window of opportunity to resolve the situation with PrivatBank, says the businessman.

The businessman Igor Kolomoysky is ready to conclude an amicable agreement in the dispute about the nationalization of PrivatBank, whose owner he was. He said this on the sidelines of the 16th conference of the YES on Friday, 13 output, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“We declare that I do not want disasters, and just want a legal assessment and thereafter the settlement agreement, out of this situation. We do not need the Bank any cost,” he said.

The businessman did not specify the details of this settlement agreement. “Some amicable agreement as to get out of the situation. It can’t be forever in suspense. Today is a good window of opportunity,” said Kolomoisky.

According to Left Bank, the businessman said that his meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky and searches in PrivatBank were not linked.

“Do you think that we were discussing questions there searches? Stop watching conspiracy. Do you think that in PrivatBank can’t be searched? And the Eximbank can be searched? And Oshchadbank? But in private banks? Why in PrivatBank can’t?”, – said the businessman.

According to him, the meeting with Zelensky was devoted to “practical issues associated with the heating season”.

Himself Zelensky said earlier that was discussed at the meeting with Kolomoisky tariffs on communal services, as well as the issue Centrenergo.


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