Kolomoisky made a bet with the Shuster live

Коломойский поспорил с Шустером в прямом эфире

Kolomoisky and Schuster, bet live

Businessman accused leading to the appropriation of money for the 10 programs that Schuster had not carried on TV channel 1+1.

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky in the program Freedom of speech accused her host Savik Shuster in the appropriation of $ 2.3 million. The verbal sparring between the oligarch and the lead took about 10 minutes of TV.

Kolomoisky, who was present in the Studio, over the phone, claimed that the leading during the cooperation with the TV channel 1+1 had borrowed the money for the production of 10 programs and have not fulfilled the conditions.

Schuster recalled that in 2015, his program was taken off the air of TV channel 1+1 for a few minutes before. In turn, Kolomoisky accuses him that the journalist took money for appearing in the program certain guests, which violated the terms of the contract.

“I decided to sue Kolomoisky on the protection of honor and dignity, and, in the end, my professional competence,” said Schuster.

Separately, he also showed a video interview with the former people’s Deputy Oleg Lyashko, who insisted that program off the air was taken from him, as Schuster invited him, and Kolomoisky, allegedly called him and asked not to come to the Studio.

At the end of the broadcast he called Kolomoisky, who said he was ready to sue Shuster

In response to accusations Schuster was invited to the Studio of the lawyer Pavel Yelizarov, saying: “now you Paul will give the money contracts all”.

Elizarov said: “Igor, we will be very happy to see you in court. Here we have a contract that we signed for three years. We have given you the signal and you this signal is not transformed and did not show, Igor”.

This skirmish is not over, and therefore after some time Elizarov said: “Igor, I asphalted road to Mariupol for 10 million, you will return to us. Sued for 10 million”.

However, the program was shown a letter in which the 1+1 TV channel has accused Shuster’s breach of the agreement and offered to settle the matter out of court through payment of compensation.

Photo of the letter published in the Telegram journalist Sonya Koshkina.

                     Коломойский поспорил с Шустером в прямом эфире


As reported, in the same broadcast Kolomoisky has commented on the negotiations with the authorities on PrivatBank.


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