Kolomoisky may be responsible for PrivatBank – danyluk

Коломойский может ответить за ПриватБанк – Данилюк

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk

The Finance Minister recalled the responsibility of the former shareholders of the financial institution.

The former owners of PrivatBank Ihor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov will have to answer by law, if they do not fulfill their promises on restructuring the loan portfolio of the financial institution. This was stated by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk in interview to the program “Left coast Sonya Koshkina”.

He recalled that Privat was brought to insolvency, and the legislation of Ukraine envisages responsibility for such actions.

“If the state enters the Bank, we bear the costs. The government adopted a decision about introduction of capital, very significant amounts. So they (the shareholders) have given assurances to the government that for six months by restructuring its corporate portfolio, by making an additional collateral to compensate for losses suffered by the state”, – said danyluk.

The Minister said that these guarantees are issued in the form of conventional letters but, in his opinion, this is enough, as Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov this is more important than the state.

“Guarantee, in principle, need owners. Fax or not to Fax – that does not matter. Brought the Bank to insolvency. It is recognized by the audit, it is recognized by all international institutions that oversaw the process. And it is obvious that there is a liability. The letter was the initiative of the owners. They understand what they need, carrying out restructuring to remove their liability. If they do not, for this is the competent authorities in Ukraine and outside Ukraine”, – said the Minister.

“As you were saying – you pay the Fuckers or not?… Now there is a specific situation, let’s see,” he concluded.

Danyluk also admitted that nationalized merge with PrivatBank Oschadbank.

“I do not exclude the possibility of unification… Such a model was considered in the past, before. As you know, that analysts were prescribed as such a possibility a few months ago,” said danyluk.

The Minister noted that it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons of this process.

As reported Корреспонент.netearlier, Aleksandr Danilyuk, said that the Board and the Supervisory Board of PrivatBank will be formed on 20 December. He noted that the new team will be composed of the foreigners.

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