Kolomoisky said that he’s trying to take 1+1

Коломойский заявил, что у него пытаются отобрать 1+1

Igor Kolomoisky

According to the businessman, the President intends at all costs to win the next election, and for that he needs control channels.

The owner of the TV channel “1+1” Igor Kolomoisky said about the “war” with President Petro Poroshenko. He said this in an interview with Deutsche Welle. In particular, Kolomoisky admitted that was for Poroshenko “ideological opponent”, although it does not currently compete with him.

“It is our different attitude to life. To democracy, freedom of speech, the events in Ukraine, what should be the President. I have about a very big disappointment,” said Kolomoisky.

He noted that the idée fixe of the current head of the Ukrainian state is to win the next presidential election, and for that Poroshenko has set out to control all the TV channels in the country.

“Today, I can’t say that I pursue power. We are in a position some sort of war, but it is within the law. And sufficiently different desires from us. We know what he wants Peter. He projected in this plan. He wants 1+1 to the polls. Here he was bleeding from the nose, you need 1+1”, – said Kolomoisky.

At the same time, the businessman said that the President does not get what you want.

We recall that a year ago it was reported that the wife of Poroshenko will lead a program on the channel Akhmetov.

And in 2015, Kolomoisky said that Poroshenko buys two channel.


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