Kolomoisky said there are three requirements for PrivatBank

Коломойский назвал три требования по ПриватБанку

Kolomoysky is ready to “coexist” with the state in PrivatBank

Former co-owner believes that the right to demand share in the equity of financial institutions.

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky announced his vision for resolving the dispute over the nationalization of PrivatBank, naming three conditions. As reports the Left coast, he said this on the sidelines of the 16th annual meeting of the Yalta European strategy (YES) on Friday, September 13.

Three demands Kolomoisky: “to all that I have told, withdrew from everywhere”, “to those who did, carried the responsibility, let them pay me.”

The ex-owner of PrivatBank said that he had in the Bank was $ 2 billion, and he is willing to exchange the capital stock of Private.

“I admit that there had been issue by the state to 155 or 160 billion. Give me my 60 out of the 200 billion shares. And will coexist together,” said Kolomoisky.

Earlier it was reported that Kolomoysky is ready to conclude an amicable agreement in the dispute about the nationalization of PrivatBank.


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