Kolss takes the whole podium in the individual cutting of the championship of Ukraine

Kolss забирает весь подиум в индивидуальной разделке чемпионата Украины

Alexander polivoda became the new champion of Ukraine.

On the second day of the championship of Ukraine in Cycling in Bukovel hosted one of the main races of the championship – individual race with separate start for men. And Ukraine got a new champion in this discipline.

Riders have been waiting a very heavy track with lots of climbs, the gradients which sometimes reached 14%. And no wonder that even the strongest to overcome this distance, it took more than an hour. In the absence of the famous rider Andriy Grivko, who is preparing for the Tour de France, the absolute favorites of the cutting looked like the racers of the team Kolss. And they played for the win. The first 5 places left for riders of the Kyiv team.

The only one who tried to challenge them was the representative of the Donetsk region Maxim Vasiliev, but he was 6-m Long reference point for all was the champion of Ukraine in 2015 Sergey Lagkuti, but in the end the top three favorites came out ahead. And in the middle of the race was leading last year’s champion Andrew Vasylyuk and won 3 seconds Alexander Polivoda, but the second half polivoda went faster and won more than 10 seconds. The third was Alexander the Connection for which this year is the most successful of his career.

Kolss забирает весь подиум в индивидуальной разделке чемпионата Украины

 Champion of Ukraine in race with separate start polivoda Oleksandr shared his impressions from the race:

“The track was very difficult. Even harder than last year, due to the fact that I removed one flat piece. In principle, this race is quite possible to even call the mountain cutting. At first glance, the average speed of the winner of 32 km/hour is not very much. But really this is an adequate speed for this track.

We were lucky that the rain that was in the morning, it’s over before we start. But still we had to go careful and slow down a bit on bends. But on the straights it was possible to accelerate to 100 km/h. Moreover, our teams are very good rain tires.

I figured after the first cut-off lost a couple of seconds to Andrey Vasilyuk, but rode my own pace. This is such a track where I can’t explode in the middle distance. Otherwise on the last climb you can lose a lot. I went last year, because of what I became only the fifth. Although, to be honest, I was more to the group race and in the end it won. How will this year? I will not hide that the team Kolls puts the task not just to win a group race, but to take the whole podium, and even as many places in the TOP 10. We have often joke that Nicholas, Skorinko (General Director team Kolss – ed.) the final Protocol of the prints the day before the group race and we have to drive according to it. But still don’t know what will work. Yes, and in advance to share first place is still a bit wrong.”

The final results of the race with separate start for men:

1. Oleksandr polivoda (Odessa region, Kolss) – 1:05:54

2. Andriy Vasylyuk (Kiev, Kolss) + 0:13

3. Alexander Connection (Kiev, Kolss) +0:28

4. Andrew Bratusek (Kiev, Kolss) +1:24

5. Lagkuti Sergiy (Kiev, Kolss) + 1:40

6. Maxim Vasiliev (Donetsk region) + 1.58

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