Konoplyanka Yarmolenko wished good luck in the Bundesliga

Коноплянка пожелал Ярмоленко удачи в Бундеслиге

Yevhen Konoplyanka and Andriy Yarmolenko

Yevhen Konoplyanka has responded to the transfer of Andriy Yarmolenko in for Borussia.

Schalke midfielder Yevhen Konoplyanka could not ignore the transition of his fellow national team of Ukraine and commented on in social networks the transfer of Andriy Yarmolenko in for Borussia.

“Andrew, welcome to the Bundesliga. Congratulations,” wrote Linnet.

Andrey, welcome to the @bundesliga_de ??? My congratulations ?? pic.twitter.com/iFFjPmKNI1

— Yevhen Konoplyanka (@kono10official) 28 Aug 2017

Note that the Ruhr Derby in which two Ukrainians will be able to play between themselves, will take place on 26 November.

Earlier iSport.ua reported that Andriy Yarmolenko has signed a four year contract with Borussia Dortmund. Note that this transfer became the most expensive in the history of Dynamo Kiev, breaking the record of Shevchenko.

According to the materials: