Korban will not be able to run for Parliament

Корбан не сможет баллотироваться в Раду

Gennady Korban will not be able to run

To do this the ex-leader of the Dill prevents a suspended sentence.

Former Deputy Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk Governor and ex-party leader DILL Gennady Korban will not be able to run for the by-election in Rada on the majority district of Dnepropetrovsk due to the conditional sentence, told BBC Ukraine lawyer Gennady Korban Oksana tomtchuk.

“Indeed, there is an agreement of the parties on the episode with Sergey Rudyk, and on it he has already received the verdict of the court – one and a half years of imprisonment,” said tomtchuk.

However, it noted that all other charges against her client are still relevant.

“To say that all was resolved and he is free – not. Gennadiy Korban is still in the status suspect, the whole thing isn’t closed,” said tomtchuk.

On other episodes, one of which concerns “the establishment of gang formation” and assumes 12 years of imprisonment, the investigation continues.

Corban released. Why released policy?

As reported, the former party leader DILL Korban were released under house arrest.