Kornienko and Lukashov fought in the European Cup match

Корниенко и Лукашов сразились в еврокубковом матче

Maksym Kornienko (No. 12) against Vladimir Piskureva

The players of the national team of Ukraine Denis Lukashov and Maxim Kornienko played against each other in the match of the Cup of Europe FIBA.

Today in the Old world continued matches of the second round of the second group stage of the Cup of Europe FIBA. For Ukrainian basketball fans the intrigue presented match in group P. Krasnoyarsk Yenisei, color which protects our national team point guard Denis Lukashov was the floor of St. Sophia academician of the other Ukrainian – Maxim Kornienko.

And if the match was entertaining and effective (the hosts defeated the balkanian 92:71), then to say that the Ukrainian opposition turned out the same it is impossible. Both of our players did not Shine. And if Kornienko played mediocre, Lukashov and all failed the meeting.

On account of the first 6 points (3/8 – 2 points, 0/2 – kicks), 4 rebounds (2 per attack) and 1 block-shot. 20 minutes spent on the site. As for the game Lukashova, almost 11 minutes on the floor he scored only two rebounds and two assists, not realizing four attempts from the field.

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