Korolev named the two main problems of the Ukrainian gas transport system

Коболев назвал две главные проблемы украинской газотранспортной системы

The head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Kobelev said that gas transportation system of Ukraine has two big problems – the efficiency and reduce transit. About this KOBOLEV said in an interview with “5 channel”.

“The state of the system (the gas transportation system of Ukraine – ed.) is relatively good. The system was built in Soviet times, were built according to the standards of the time, when the task was that it should withstand a nuclear war, God forbid, that it was not. The system is very powerful, it has a lot of protection elements in parallel pipes. With her there, I would say, two big problems now. The first challenge is improving its efficiency, replacement of old machines with new, that is, reliability, efficiency. Second, unfortunately we lost a large part of Russian gas transit. The system is able to transport to Europe 140 billion cubic meters”, – said Kobolyev.

The head of the NJSC said that the gas transmission system shall be filled.

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“Now we, unfortunately, delivering only half of this amount – about 80, that is, the system nedozagruzheny. And this underutilization makes it less effective, though reliable,” – said Kobolyev.

Recall that Korolev initiates a creation of new operator of the Ukrainian GTS to the completion of the arbitration with Gazprom.