Kosovo – Ukraine 0:2. Online

Косово - Украина 0:2. Онлайн

Team Kosovo – team Ukraine – qualifier for the 2018 world Cup, watch online 6 October at 21:45.

The national team of Ukraine will meet on the road with the national team of Kosovo in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup.

The fight will take place on a neutral field in Albania.

After eight rounds of selection for the 2018 FIFA world Cup national team of Ukraine is in fourth place in group I behind leaders Croatia and Iceland by two points.

Корреспондент.net will hold an online broadcast of the match Kosovo – Ukraine. The meeting will begin at 21:45 Kyiv time.

A text stream

Thank you for being with us. Two days later, there will be a new game, new online Корреспондент.net.

Now we divide the second place with Croatia, game which on Monday in Kiev and on the future of the team Shevchenko. Ukraine must win.

All! 2:0 – victory of Ukraine. Someone will say luck, someone that it was a victory for the class. Marlos made his debut. But the problems in the game our team very much!

90. Calmly bring the game to win Ukraine.

88. Buyalsky debut in the national team, he changes the Linnet.

87. GOOOOOOAL! Have domocile! Yarmolenko in the confusion shot gate of Kosovo after the rebound from Stepanenko.

84. Ordets shot after a corner – right in the centre of the goal.

83. The transfer of Konoplyanka was on Garmash, but the Kosovars managed to clear for a corner.

80. Marlos, of course, is not embedded in a team game, of course, if we have it. Individually very strong, the former Brazilian no doubt.

75. Ukraine pushed the game away from our goal, but there is not much work. Yarmolenko forward while without the ball.

73. Easily beat Magnus Andersen Karavaeva, but shot straight at Pyatov.

Kosovo is much more active now in our team.

71. Konoplyanka struck free-kick, which earned Marlos. Goalkeeper Kosovo quietly moves to the corner.

70. Replacing Kosovo. Nuhiu is Murici, refresh the attack hosts.

69. Two corners in a row was filed by the owners, but to the danger at the gate Pyatov is not led.

68. Kosovo requests a penalty for hitting the ball in the back Matvienko. Original.

64. Meanwhile, on the field appear more and more puddles.

63. And immediately strengthens the defense of Shevchenko. We will keep the score 0:1 against Kosovo??? Stepanenko out instead rotan.

60. GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!! Rather an own goal. After filing Linnets Hermes the ball did not hit, but the defender, Kosovo came and put the ball in his own team.

57. Yarmolenko scored, but after the offside.

56. Ordets gets a yellow and will miss next game with Howat. Have Khacheridi with the driver to play?

55. Marlos beat three, but the fourth player Kosovo knocked the ball.

54. Stream is back on!! Still 0:0.

While the national team of Kosovo, until

48. Due to the bad weather interrupted the broadcast with Albania. Wait.

46. Kosovo started the half with attacks. And we have in attack now is going to play Yarmolenko, it seems.

45. The rain intensified, hard to play in such conditions.

As we expected Marlos comes on to the pitch instead of a free kick.

The second half

Break. 0:0 Shevchenko must have a serious talk with the team. Remember being in a team with Lugny and Lobanovskiy. I’m waiting for replacements. Marlos, for example.

45. Yarmolenko hits the right – very inaccurate.

43. Ukraine needs to change something in the game. If we’re going to win, of course. Marlos will save us?

40. Kravets yellow received. Well, at least something.

34. Very heavy rain in Albania. Time goes by, no goals. The Ukrainians are beginning to get nervous.

32. Yarmolenko, Garmash and Yarmolenko on the old memory were combining well on the right flank the attack of our national team, but without promotion to the gate.

30. Another blow Linnets, again, beats the goalkeeper Kosovo, on the rebound anyone.

Crush the Ukrainians, and not a goal.

29. Garmash very best cut kick, the striker the ball was not in time.

27. Kick Murici – wide, Pyatov had it under control.

24. Matvienko passed down the flank and crossed, but no one was home.

21. The third strike Linnets – this time the POST! Kravets on the rebound – from a few feet away at the empty net that????? That’s right – not hits! The best moment of our national team in the match.

19. Sydorchuk one diagonal broke up the attack of the Ukrainian team, but Yarmolenko to Linnet supply is not reached.

Yarmolenko and Garmash show why they were released in the start – quick transition from defence to attack, which had the team really missed and vivania in the penalty area.

17. Dangerous moment! Filed Konoplyanka – Yarmolenko fight head lost, but the ball rebounded to Garmash who, unfortunately, did not wait.

16. Kravets is, of course, something. Just started to attack Kosovo is maximally inaccurate transmission.

15. Konoplyanka hits it again after the transfer Yarmolenko from flank to flank. This time the target, but the Keeper Kosovo calmly parried.

13. The first blow of the match from the Linnets, much above the gate.

While Ukraine looks like a team that is not really understands how to open the defense of Kosovo. The right flank is not working, and there is our best player Yarmolenko.

10. But in the defense of the caravan a good, quietly sorted out on the flank with the attack hosts.

9. Trying to get down the left flank, even flow gone, but Kravets for some reason it was not expected. Of course he’s a Central striker or what?

8. Player Kosovo fell in the corner of the Ukrainian penalty area, the referee did not see violations. Well.

6. Have Karavaeva until all transmissions of others, a lot of marriage.

4. The team adapted to the wet field. Fluid football is not obtained from anyone. Kosovo tries to quickly deliver the ball to the attack.

2. Ukraine took the ball, but so far it is the possession without the aggravation.

By the way, today in the national team as he is the Dynamo. Outrage Surkis influenced Shevchenko?

1. The match has started. Go!

Composition. Ukraine has the right to the protection of the caravan goes, which at the last moment called to the national team, but Shevchenko trusts the player Dawn.

Niccas in this match – TSE Caravan Yak RB. Scho VIN at Nepalganj form – TSE can be seen in the championship, but not systematically graves in Oberon, wragge, shte iz casw of FC “Sevastopol” #KOSUKR #Caravan pic.twitter.com/pTngjPnlLo

— Artur Valerko (@ArchieValerko) October 6, 2017

In midfield will play FC Dynamo Kyiv Yarmolenko and Garmash. This is very unexpected – Stepanenko left on replacement.

Well and in attack will play Kravets. Newly made Ukrainian Marlos remained on the bench, but probably will be on the field today.

Starting lineups

Kosovo: Ujkani, Voyvoda, Rahmani, Jashanica, Pacarada – Kryeziu, Musoli – Rashica, Halimi, Celina – Murici.

Ukraine: Pyatov – Karavaev, Khacheridi, Ordets, Matvienko – Rotan, Yarmolenko, Yarmolenko, Garmash, Konoplyanka, Kravets.

Played the hymns. All ready to start the match.

The most important game for the national team of Ukraine! We need to win!

Due to injuries will miss the match Viktor Tsygankov, Yaroslav Rakitskiy and Bogdan Butko. Especially painful for the Ukrainian national team loss the last two, which were seen as the players start.

Had problems with documents and newly minted Ukrainian Marlos, but he already joined the team in Albania.

The obvious favourite is a team of Shevchenko. The odds on Ukraine are accepted by a factor of 1.12. DRA estimated the price of 8.00. And indicators on the success of Kosovo reach the level of 23.00.

Will judge a match the Kosovar and Ukrainian Craig Pawson from the UK.

“For me, the first signal is our game with Kosovo. We will have two finals, and the first is with Kosovo. Attitude and for the first and second game against Croatia must be very high. I hope all will understand. If you do not understand, I will require them even more,” – said Andrei Shevchenko before the match.