Kostenko and Zaets received the money for the rotation of members of the OIC, falsifying election 2012.

Костенко и Заец получали деньги за смену членов ОИК, фальсифицируя выборы 2012 г., - политолог

The analyst Rinat Kovbasyuk said that the former MP from “Our Ukraine” Yury Kostenko, people’s Deputy, ex-Chairman of the party Ivan Zayats was engaged in substitution of members of district election commissions during the parliamentary elections of 2012, for which they received money from the “Party of regions”. About this Kovbasyuk said in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, Kostenko sold “regionals” of OIC members from his party in 30 thousand dollars.

“Yuri Kostenko – one of the defendants in this case. Documents show that he received money from a “slush Fund”. The money he received for the change of committees members. Then there was 2012, the election campaign. Kostenko, apparently agreed with the PR that once served members of the OIC from “Ukrainian people’s party”, and then they will be replaced by representatives of the PR, which is what happened. I called Kostenko and asked how this could happen. He said he has no explanation and busy. It was about 30 thousand dollars. for one member of the OIC”, – said the analyst.

He added that he cannot say, “how far is this true”.

“But the day has been changed more than 150 members of the OIC throughout Ukraine, 3 in Krivyi Rih”, – said Kovbasyuk.

This possible the process of bribing the OIC was carried out through the Deputy Ivan Zajc, who at the time was acting Chairman of the party.

“He passed through the official replacement of the district commissions to the CEC. These 2 persons, Zayats and Kostenko, in fact, involved in election fraud because they changed the situation in favor of the PR in 2012”, – said Kovbasyuk.

In turn, the hare denies the allegations.

“What he charged me, by that I am not privy to any side,” said he in the channel.

Earlier, ex-the Deputy from “Our Ukraine” Kostenko has already denied that he received money from PR.

News on topic: Papers on accounting PR received in January by mail, – Leshchenko

Earlier it became known that the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) started an investigation on the basis of the statement of Victor Trepak regarding the “black accounting” of the Party of regions.

The head of the NABOO Sytnik confirmed information on obtaining these documents.