Kovalenko: as a child my idol was Shevchenko

Коваленко: в детстве моим кумиром был Шевченко

Viktor Kovalenko

The midfielder of Shakhtar Donetsk Ukrainian Victor Kovalenko summed up the results of the outgoing year and spoke about the idols of his childhood and shared his goals for the near future.

20-year-old midfielder spoke about his future goals, and highlighted best game in the shirt of Miners.

“Been a year since I first team player of Shakhtar? I would like to thank the coaches who believed in me, which give the right to play. The year was productive. We have accomplished much as a team. Now going undefeated is the main thing.

My goals? This season we have to win against Shakhtar in the Ukrainian Cup, Ukrainian League and compete for the Europa League. And with the team – to qualify for the world Cup. It would be a big plus for our country and the entire Ukrainian football.

Best match for Shakhtar? I have 2 of the match. The return match with Schalke on the road in the UEFA Europa League (3:0, Kovalenko took part in the first goal and scored the third goal – ed.) and the recent match against Dnipro (2:0, Kovalenko scored twice– ed.)”, – said Kovalenko.

The Embassy was told the main goal of the national team of Ukraine, and shared his emotions from his speech at the European championship.

“Every coach has his vision. I can say that the team is now trying to play good football, European. The whole team go to one dream.

The dream of our national team? The primary output for the world Cup.

Impressions from what I played on Euro 2016? It’s nice that at such a young age I’ve already played, I felt this level. But still remains the sediment, because we didn’t play the way I wanted. We now want to rehabilitate before the fans, to bring them back. There was a lot of criticism, a lot bad said. You want the fans rejoiced and were happy with the national team”, – said the Ukrainian.

Finally, Viktor Kovalenko told about his communication with the former coach of the Pitmen Mircea Lucescu and highlighted the most promising young players in the squad of Shakhtar.

“Do you communicate with the coach? Congratulate each other when there is a reason – with the holidays around. Mircea Lucescu, in the first place, a very good man. It is possible and to consult, he can tell something good, support when you need it. He will not say bad.

The talented youth of the miner? And in Shakhtar and Dynamo in Ukraine there are good young people. The main thing is not to dwell on what is, and to work on yourself to get into the national team of Ukraine. The miner now allocated Andriy Boryachuk, Mykola Matviyenko, Sasha Zubkov – they are all good players.

My idol as a child? In my childhood it was Andriy Shevchenko. I’m always watching football, always rooting for him. Then – times change, new players. Andrea Pirlo from Milan, where Shevchenko was playing. And now like Toni Kroos – he plays very well”, – concluded Kovalenko.

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