Kovalev can go in the weight category of the Mustache

Ковалев может перейти в весовую категорию Усика

Former world champion light heavyweight Sergey Kovalev (30-1-1, 26 KO’s), stated that in the future is considering a move to heavyweight.

Russian Sergey Kovalev has shared some plans for the future. After losing the battle with Andre ward, the crusher is ready to consider the options for upgrading the coaching staff. Moreover, Kovalev has told that with time can try their hand at a new weight – krasivata.

“Maybe it will make sense to up in weight class. To cruisers I certainly long to get that I’m kind of not makeweight. Nevertheless, more comfortable feel when I weigh 83, not 79. After weight loss and weighing procedures, I still go out to battle somewhere in the 82.5 kg. If you now fight in cruisers, you probably went to fight somewhere 85-86 kg.

On the other hand, to take and pass… Everything will depend on how events will develop in the light heavyweight division. If the belt now will leave vacant if they diverge, then again to collect them – great work and for a long time. I was already at the highest point and remain in the light heavyweight division. Therefore, it may be, is the meaning of the second weight to shift and there, too, to restore order and achieve there highest point, become the best. Believe that victory is not a real ward, I worry about what I did, what I did. But not calm the fact that my belt is now in the hands of others. I would like to return them. And maybe then you can say that you can go

. Maybe I have some kind of new potential will open in the “cruisers”.

Especially the guys in this category will be more slowly. It might be the speed to win around. Maybe it will make sense. But now the problem I have most is still the light heavyweight to his return. To prove this ward that he was pseudocereal”, – concluded Kovalev.

Recall that in the heavy weight now is our Alexander Usik. So in the case of the transition Kovalev cruiser, megafit Mustache-Kovalev would be quite real.

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