Kovalev said when you retire

Ковалев рассказал, когда уйдет из бокса

Sergey Kovalev plans to hold four more fights in his career.

World champion light heavyweight champion under version WBA Sergey Kovalev defended the title in a bout against Anthony Yard.

The Russians said that this fight is one of the five planned and the boxer until the end of his career to spend another 4 fights.

“I’m 36 years old, and it was one of the five scheduled fights me the rest of my career. Still have four fights, and I decided so: hotboxing them – and probably good. Need with the kids to do, to see them. And they grow without me” – quoted Kovalev championship.

Earlier, Kovalev said he was ready to meet Saulem Alvarez.

According to the materials: