Kovalev: Shabran very motivated and dangerous, he’s a real fighter

Ковалев: Шабранский очень мотивирован и опасен, он настоящий боец

Sergey Kovalev

Russian boxer Sergei Kovalev commented on the upcoming fight with Ukrainian Vyacheslav Sabransky.

Former world champion light heavyweight Sergey Kovalev has told that became the reason of unsuccessful bands in his career, during which he lost his titles in a fight with Andre ward, and then failed to take revenge.

According to the Russians, he changed his attitude to Boxing and ready to get back on top.

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“I lost focus on his Boxing career before the fight with Isaac Chilemba. I spent too much time traveling, changing time zones, I missed a lot of training.

All saw where it got me: to bad the battle with Chilimbi and two defeats from Andre ward. Life taught me a lesson and gave a kick. The Lord sent me to ward to show how I should continue my career. I rebooted, cleared my body and mind. Now I’m happy” – quoted ward’s Boxing Scene.

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In addition, the Russian suggested his next opponent, the Ukrainian Vyacheslav Shabran, with whom he will fight for the vacant WBO title.

“I respect him because he is a real fighter. He is very motivated and dangerous now, because it has never fought for a world title,” said Kovalev.

Recall, the fight Kovalev – Shabran will take place on 25 November in the United States. On iSport.ua the text will be available online stream on Sunday, November 26, at approximately 6:00 Kyiv time.

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