KPI them. Igor Sikorsky – the flagship of dual education

КПИ им. Игоря Сикорского - флагман дуального образования

Working and learning at the same time, and the quality of student education is concerned not only the University, but the enterprise-the employer – that’s the essence of dual education.


The founder of the system of dual education is considered to be Germany, later it was adopted by Canada, Switzerland and Austria. On stage – Ukraine. This system can be a lifeline for our high school. And finally, stop the conveyor of the diplomas, the knowledge of the holders of which do not meet the requirements of employers. This is especially true of technical specialties. In fact, according to world Bank studies, four out of ten firms in key sectors of the Ukrainian economy state the huge gap between what you know young professionals and what employers demand.

To prepare quality engineers traditional academic method was inefficient. It has long been understood in the Kiev Polytechnic. And while the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine plans to implement this dual system of education at the state level, at the National technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky” for the fifth consecutive year, this model successfully educate students. There are convinced that it will help to save from the decline of the sector of higher and technical education, will provide students first job, and the Ukrainian companies highly qualified engineering personnel.

Boeing is interested in our engineers

To cook for yourself experts at KPI them. Igor Sikorsky a few years ago came with one of the largest engineering companies “Progresstech-Ukraine”, which provides outsourced engineering services to the global aviagarant Boeing and Airbus, automobile company Tesla and Daimler. Five years ago, when the company began to work in Ukraine, had only 50 engineers, now – 700. “When I have a shortage of engineers on the issues of strength of materials, I have gathered the best of his team and asked: where did you study? Most called the Kiev Polytechnic, – says General Director of “progrestech-Ukraine” Andrey fialkovsky. Then I met with the leadership of KPI them. Igor Sikorsky and we agreed on cooperation.” On the basis of mechanical engineering Institute of Polytechnic Institute have created a joint teaching and research center and began to prepare for the dual system of mechanical engineers for the aviation industry, particularly for projects with Boeing. The company has provided the centre with modern equipment and software, helped to modernize the discipline, and the world’s best aircraft designers in the US and Europe began to lecture to our students. Now in the CRPD are already two training centres in different departments of the company “Progresstech-Ukraine” and one on the basis of the world of this huge aircraft Boeing.

“We jointly developed the curriculum and prepare our students by our highly qualified teaching staff and with the participation of leading engineers of the two companies, – says the rector of KPI Michael Zgurovsky. – This model for the past 5 years we have provided companies “Progresstech-Ukraine” and “Boeing-Ukraine”, more than 650 engineers. For the 2019-2020 year we are ordering from our partners at 450 professionals.”

Future engineers will find themselves in the actual process of designing elements of aircraft and learn on the real work. And if a few years ago, aeronautical engineering, specialty of Ukraine few people interested, but this year the competition for the dual master’s degree in the KPI was high. Learning in the dual model, students of the Kiev Polytechnic University is guaranteed to receive not only quality education, but also my first job in a prestigious company and a decent wage.

Strengthening of defense capability

According to this model in the CPI to them. Igor Sikorsky train specialists for various sectors of the economy. And recently together with the state concern “Ukroboronprom” began training in the new master’s program “Management in the sphere of military-industrial complex.” It is an intensive eighteen months of training highly qualified personnel for the defense industry of Ukraine. Among the audience of more than 250 employees from almost hundred of companies, most of the representatives of the defense Department. While the program is designed to receive the second higher education, but in the next stage of cooperation will cover all levels of education. “We are preparing personnel with large amounts of special knowledge. The training of such specialists is the intersection of Economics, mathematics, engineering, theory and practice of management. The emphasis we place on special subjects, – says one of the program Directors, the Dean of the faculty of management and marketing KPI them. Igor Sikorsky, Professor Oleg Gavrish. – Our model of a specialist – it Manager, able to think innovative.”

Innovation in the defense industry called the Institute of defense technologies, which in September 2018 created in the structure of KPI them. Igor Sikorsky. He works in the field of innovative development of new types of weapons, and is also responsible for the training of specialized staff, improvement of management in the sphere of security and defence industry to the level of Deputy Ministers of relevant ministries and business leaders, and designers for the defence industry and experts in the field of military-technical cooperation.

These Institutions are not new to the global community. Such structures are created, particularly in the USA and some European countries. A dual education in higher education in European countries has already proven its effectiveness.