Krasnikov: Marlos seriously help the national team of Ukraine

Красников: Марлос серьезно помог бы сборной Украины


In 2017 Marlos can obtain a passport of citizen of Ukraine.

Teams sports Director Yevhen Krasnikov, who previously worked at the Metalist believes that Shakhtar midfielder Marlos would be able to strengthen the Ukrainian team.

Already in 2017 Marlos can obtain a passport of citizen of Ukraine, which will automatically give him the legal opportunity to play the Ukrainian national team. The midfielder of Shakhtar did not rule out such possibility, repeatedly stating that Ukraine became his second home.

Yevgeny Krasnikov believes that the Brazilian would benefit our team.

“Marlos seriously help the national team of Ukraine. Yes, they say that we should trust only our own, the Ukrainians, but I can give examples of many more football countries – Italy, Portugal, Spain, they still resort to naturalization. Guinean Eder and the Brazilian Pepe in Portugal, the Brazilian Thiago Motta in Italy.

I’m not saying that this should be done without exception. But if there is a player who has legal possibilities, and the burning desire… most Importantly, it should be the desire of the player. It needs to feel and really play for Ukraine in heart. If Marlos is aware of this, you have to agree, because it is a top player,” said Krasnikov.

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