Krasyuk: battle of the Mustache with the First would collect the full Olympic NSC

Красюк: Бой Усика с Бриедисом собрал бы полный НСК Олимпийский

Alexander Krasyuk and Oleksandr Usyk

Alexander Krasyuk is sure that in Kiev the match was going to be sold out.

CEO of the promotion company K2 Promotions Ukraine Alexander Krasyuk in the program martial arts to life on the TV-channel XSPORT spoke about the fact that if the fight Alexander Usik (13-0, 11 KO’s) and Mairis Briedis (23-0, 18 KO’s) took place in the summer, it could take the Olympic stadium and it would have been sold out.

“If we had played the battle against the Athletes at the Olympic, we would without a doubt gathered a full Olympic stadium. I have no doubt about that, he’s not a REP will read or sing (laughs). People love it for Boxing.

Also important and the scale of the event, because it is a unification fight. In my opinion, in Krusevac one last time David Haye United the belt,” said Krasyuk.

Recall that on Thursday, December 28, the first meeting with the Moustache and the First dedicated to the semi-final game WBSS.

Fight the Tendril – Thriller in the semifinals of the world series of Boxing will be held January 27, in Riga, Latvia. The match will take Riga arena, which can accommodate 12 thousand spectators.

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