Krasyuk: To fight the Tendril hook for Ukrainians will make the entrance as accessible as possible

Красюк: На бой Усик - Хук для украинцев сделаем вход максимально доступным

Promoter Alexander Usyk has not yet confirmed to deliver the fight the Hook 9 September in Kiev.

“We are focused on one of the arenas in Ukraine. There are Olympic stadium is the stadium “Dynamo”. If we can realize this, the battle of the Mustache will be held in early September in Ukraine”, – Krasyuk told in an interview Today.

“Olympic is confirmed as one of working versions. And I’d add that you’ll do everything you need to in a week or two I managed everything on record.

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Sports Palace in Kiev? You know, we are in the Arena Lviv gathered 13 thousand, it was the fourth battle of the Mustache. Short pants – Sports Palace. We need a scale.

We can expect about 30 thousand people. This is my personal expert opinion. Many factors influence is and what is happening in the country and the weather, and how this fight is going to be positioned. But there is reason to believe that this fight will cause a very high interest in Ukraine.

First, it is because Sasha is the winner of the WBO belt, which Marco Huck in his time many times defended. Then the hook lost to Krzysztof Glowacki, and the Tendril at the pole this belt took. That is, Marco is already a certain history. Hook multiple ex-world champion, Usyk twice defended his championship belt, he is an Olympic champion. They have already met, shook hands. The intrigue will only increase. And it will cause quite a stir, to any citizen of Ukraine could be given the weekend to come to Kiev and enjoy this event. And we, if we this fight to organize, will do everything to make the entrance accessible for fans,” said Alexander Krasyuk.

We will remind, during the draw for the first round of the world Boxing series boxer Alexander Usik chose Marco Huck. Read the opinion, why the Mustache made this choice.

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