Krasyuk: Trauma Mustache happened at the end of March

Красюк: Травма Усика случилась в конце марта

Promoter Alexander Usik commented on the injury Ukrainian.

The head of the promotion company K2 Promotion Ukraine Oleksandr Krasyuk commented on the postponement of the fight Alexander Usyk and Murata Gassieva due to injury Ukrainian, as well as the likelihood of the finals in Russia.

“The trauma of the Mustache happened at the end of March. In absolutely working situation, Alexander felt discomfort in the elbow. When discomfort escalated into pain, it was decided to go to the doctor.

We were confident that the fight will take place may 11 in Saudi Arabia was in full swing and have been working on. But, unfortunately, in Boxing it happens.

Now we can confidently assert that surgical intervention is not required. Alexander will soon have to return to training.

Only God knows for sure how long will last the rehabilitation process. We believe that rehabilitation will not last long and in the summer, in late June or early July, Alexander will be ready in full health and in top form for a fight against Gassieva.

It’s hard for me to comment on the attempts and of the ability of any market participants to buy the fight and spend it in Russia. Clearly I can only say that neither Alexander Usik, like a boxer or K2 promotions, his promoter, his consent to the duel in Russia is not allowed. Therefore outbid the fight, maybe they can, but to force Mustache to fight there, of course not”, – quotes Alexander Kraska

Recall that initially fight the Tendril – Gassiev was held on 11 may in Jeddah. Later, however, the match was moved to the summer.

Earlier Oleksandr Usyk stated that the fight against Murat Gassieva definitely not take place in Russia.

Later it became known about the injury of a Ukrainian, which he Mustache confirmed.

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