Kravchuk outraged by the lack of the presidential pension

Кравчук возмущен отсутствием президентской пенсии

Kravchuk demands a pension

First, the President believes that it is not the money but justice and requires to assign payment.

The absence of a special presidential pension is a disgrace to the country, said President Leonid Kravchuk, reports

Answering the question of whether the pension of the former President, Kravchuk said: “I have no presidential pension! I receive a parliamentary pension of 18 thousand hryvnia, but it is a shame that no the presidential. I constantly raise this question in front of all the presidents of the country, but the current government is so primitive that all you think I care about money”.

First, the President believes that it is not the money but justice.

“It’s a shame that there are people who made the country a mere trifle, and they have a pension of 100 or 200 thousand, – he added. – I picked up this state, and I’m still alive, and I can’t assign the contents even in 5 UAH. How much standing – so much to give!”.

Kravchuk became President in December 1991. At the extraordinary presidential elections in 1994 he lost to Leonid Kuchma, who followed him and led the country.