Kremenchug Generals defeated in the third match of the semifinal series

Кременчуг одолел Дженералз в третьем матче полуфинальной серии

Kremenchug Generals defeated in the third match in a row.

The playoffs, after two matches in Kremenchug, moved to Terminal Brovary – home arena Generals, where he held the third match of the series.

In many respects the first period determined the outcome of the meeting was a landslide victory of the team of Dmitry Podgornogo. In the beginning of the match the score was opened by Vitaly Kirshenbaum, and on 13 minutes he was doubled Vladyslav Gavrik. A little later, Ilya Generals narrowed the gap to just one washer, but not for long. Before Serena in the gate Eugene, Nabanco scored Covalent Igor and Artem Gnidenko.

The second period was quieter, was abandoned only one goal – again a goal was scored Kovalenya. The rest of the guests possessed a noticeable advantage and there is little that enabled you to create Generals.

In the final 20 minutes the team of Alexander Seukand never once failed to score a goal, while the visitors increased the scoring efforts of George keachie, Sebastian Karpenko and former captain of the “generals” Alexey Melnikov.

The next, already the third victory in the series, one step closer Kremenchuk to the finals of the playoffs. Generals, on the contrary, in the step of departure. If Kiev will not be honored at a comeback in the remaining games, then this season will remain without medals.

Generals – Kremenchuk– 1:8 (1:4, 0:1, 0:3)

Washer: 0:1 – Kirshenkov (Gnidenko), 04:34, 0:2 – Gavrik (Gritsenko, Covalent), 12:46, 1:2 – Generals (Ovchinnikov, Sirchenko) 14:11, 1:3 – Covalent (Gavrik, Varivoda), 15:28, 1:4 , Gnidenko (Isayenko, Kirshenkov-large), 19:33, 1:5 – Covalent (Gavrik, Romanenko), 35:44, 1:6 – Kitsch (Kirshenkov, Gnidenko), 54:50, 1:7 – Karpenko (meadow-large), 57:17, 1:8 – Melnikov (Kirshenkov, Gnidenko), 59:18.

Generals: , Nabanco (Lyubimov); Military Shpak, Tatarenko, Scripts, Pirupa, Sirchenko; Polishchuk, Ovchinnikov, Janiszewski, Shapiro, Chernenko, Szymanski, Kostyuk, Generals, A. Janitor, H. Janitor, Bezugly.

Kremenchuk: Zakharchenko (He); Sawicki, Varivoda, Romanenko, Degtyarev, Head, Isaenko, Andreikiv; Boykov, Korenchuk (A), Gavrik, Gritsenko, Chernyshenko, Gnidenko (A), I (K), Covalent, Meadow, Kitsch, Melnikov, Kirshenkov, Karpenko.

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