Kremenchug was covered with snow and hail

Кременчуг засыпало снегом с градом

Snow in Poltava region

In the field also, it was raining with hail.

Yesterday, may 19, streets in the district of Kremenchug, Poltava region was covered with snow, reports Kremenchug Today.

Weather anomaly in Russia: Krasnoyarsk was covered with snow

“The weather gave the Kremenchug another surprise – all around was covered with a white cloth. The rain started about 13:00 (may 19 – ed), and with it hail. However, hail did not melt for a long time, because of this the ground was covered with a kind of “snow” cover”, – reports the edition.

As reported, in late April in Western Ukraine returned to the winter, the Carpathians are covered with snow.