Kremenchuk Generals defeated in the second match of the semifinal series

Кременчук разгромил Дженералз во втором матче полуфинальной серии

Eduard Zakharchenko prepares a “dry” match.

From the very beginning of the game Kremenchuk took the puck, only occasionally letting Generals to break on the counter. In the middle of the first period, after a face-off, Dmitry Chernyshenko dropped back to Ilya Korenchuk, which is a powerful throw was caught off guard Eugene Nabanco

In the 16th minute of the match emotions erupted at Alexander Poruby: first, the defender Generals several times pushed Vladislav Gavrik with a club at the patch in front of their gate, and then dropped the gaiters. Forward of the national team of Ukraine responded in kind, as a result, both players received fines for being rude, but Parupa got small, large and disciplinary till the end of the game the fines, while Gavrik – just a small 2 minute.

This numerical advantage allowed Kremenchug team to increase the score. A minute later after removal Paruby, the goalkeeper Generals seemingly coped with the next Kirshenkov throw in a shot but on the rebound first was George Kitsch, yet sent the puck into the goal.

At the start of the second period Generals got a chance to get back in the game when turns, fifteen minutes left Nikita Savitsky and Denis Isaenko. The coach of Kyiv team took a timeout, however, the city team failed to realize the most.

Unsuccessful game in two players certainly had a negative impact on morale Generals. As soon as the numerical composition of the teams on the ice were equal, the gap increased Artem Gnidenko.

After 5 minutes overall Sevastian Karpenko successfully challenged for the puck with two defenders Kiev team, and thus was able to make room for George keachie, who shot towards the top corner scored twice. In the 38th minute of the match once most of his team realized Vitaly Kirshenkov – Eugene, Nabanco, closed players, was powerless to throw.

The first half of the third period has passed in a quite calm atmosphere. In the 51st minute of the game Maxim Slysh and Yury Shpak received mutual removal for being rude, and when the players was about to go on the ice, Vladimir Varivoda passed the ball from the right side under a throw Artem Gnidenko, was out at the gate capital team. Completed the rout Andrei bashko, successfully put a stick under pass by Ilya Korenchuk.

Thus, Kremenchuk wins again in the home match of the semifinals of the playoffs, and the series moved to Brovary. Home games Generals will take place on 13 and 15 March at 18:45.

Kremenchuk – Generals 7:0 (2:0; 3:0; 2:0)

Washers: 1:0 – Korenchuk (Chernyshenko), 11:23. 2:0 – Kitsch (Kirshenkov – large.), 17:33. 3:0 – the Gnidenko (Kirshenkov – large.), 27:22. 4:0 – Kitsch (Karpenko, Degtyarev), 32:35. 5:0 – Kirshenkov (Isayenko, Gavrik – large.), 37:21. 6:0 – The Gnidenko (Varivoda), 52:08. 7:0 – head (Korenchuk, Chernyshenko is great.), 55:10.

Kremenchuk: Zakharchenko (He). Basco – Andreikiv, Isaenko – Melnikov, Romanenko – Varivoda, Savitsky – Degtyarev. Korenchuk – Chernyshenko – Gavrik – Gnidenko – Kiryushchenko, Petrakovskii – Gritsenko – Covalent, Kitsch – Karpenko – Strikers.

Generals: Naprienko (Dorosh). Scripts – Tatarenko, Sirchenko – Starling, Pirupa Combat. Bezugly – Chernenko – Janiszewski, Ovchinnikov – Kostyuk – Generals, A. Janitor – N. Janitor – Szymanski, Polishchuk.

Note that in the first match of the playoffs between these teams Kremenchuk beat Generals with the score 6:2.

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