Kremenchuk took the lead in the semifinal series with Generals

Кременчук вышел вперед в полуфинальной серии с Дженералз

The winner of the regular championship of Ukraine won the first match of the playoffs.

The first match in the history of the playoffs UHL ended with a confident victory of Kremenchuka over Generals – 6:2.

The first period was intense, the opponents were very cautious, although the advantage is clearly owned by the owners. Broke even one fight, but this passion calmed down. The first goal is scored in the match and in the playoffs overall, was abandoned shortly before half-time – scored Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The second 20-minute was no less tense and combative. This time commands have exchanged goals. The puck Vitaly Kirshenkov guests answered accurate throw Ilya Generalova 15 seconds before the end.

In the final period, the hosts still managed to win. Twice at the gate Eugene, Nabanco signed Ilya Korenchuk, and once Maxim Slysh and Vladyslav Gavrik. “Generals” managed to answer only with a goal of Alexey Ovchinnikov, but fundamentally on the account is not affected.

6:2 – a confident victory of Kremenchuk in the opening match of the semifinal series. The next match will be held on Friday, March 10, also in the arena of the iceberg in Kremenchug.

The playoffs. 1/2 final. Match 1. Kremenchuk – Generals– 6:2 (1:0, 1:1, 4:1)

Goals: 1:0 – Chernyshenko (Korenchuk, I Hear), 19:22, 2:0 – Kirshenkov (Gavrik), 32:10, 2:1 – Generals (Kostyuk, Ovchinnikov), 39:45, 3:1 , He (Hear), 44:12, 4:1 – Korenchuk (Head, Man), 48:11, 4:2 – Ovchinnikov (Janiszewski, Kostyuk), 48:48, 5:2 – (Basco, Chernyshenko), 50:10, 6:2 – Gavrik (Melnikov, Kirshenkov), 55:31.

Kremenchuk: Zakharchenko (He). Basco – Andreikiv, Isaenko – Melnikov, Romanenko – Varivoda, Savitsky – Degtyarev. Hey – Chernyshenko – Korenchuk, Gavrik, Gnidenko – Kiryushchenko, Petrakovskii – Gritsenko – Covalent, Kitsch – Karpenko – Strikers.

Generals: , Nabanco (Dorosh). Scripts – Tatarenko, Sirchenko – Starling, Pirupa Combat. Bezugly – Chernenko – Janiszewski, Ovchinnikov – Kostyuk – Generals, A. Janitor – N. Janitor – Szymanski, Polishchuk.

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